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Gregory M. Randolph, D.D.S. 


Our office offers both silver (amalgam) fillings and tooth-colored (composite) fillings for the replacement of decayed or damaged tooth structure.
Amalgam fillings have been used by dentists for many years.

Dental amalgam is durable, highly resistant to wear, and is cost effective compared to other materials. It is a stable alloy and continues to be a safe commonly used restorative material. Amalgams are especially usefull for restoring molars due to its high resistance to fracture.
The tooth-colored alternative to amalgam fillings is the resin composite.

Composite fillings, sometimes called bonding because they are adhesively attached to the tooth, are commonly used on front teeth where the chewing force is lower and the cosmetic demand is higher. It is also an option for some small to medium sized cavities on back teeth. Your dentist will review your options with you and give his recommendation.

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