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Gregory M. Randolph, D.D.S. 


Our Philosophy of Dentistry

On behalf of our entire staff, we would like to welcome you to our practice and share with you our philosophy of dentistry and our responsibility to you, as our patient.

Your First Appointment

We offer quality comprehensive dentistry in a comfortable setting. In our practice we recognize the need for a careful, gentle, but thorough cleaning and examination of teeth, gums, lips, cheeks, tongue, and bone structure. This is followed by a diagnosis and treatment plan before anything except emergency treatment is begun. This philosophy safeguards you and also allows you to consider various avenues of treatment which may be possible, so you can make an educated choice both health-wise and cost-wise.

Radiographs (X-rays)

We believe very sincerely in including the necessary pictures of the teeth and jaws as part of every initial examination. Without pictures. we cannot discover decay between the teeth, developing tumors, cysts, painless abscesses, areas of local infection, crooked or missing permanent teeth and other abnormalities. Some 35% of the decayed areas will go unnoticed in the most careful examination if pictures are not taken.

Preventive Dentistry

Modern dentistry is now prepared to act in a preventive role where decay and gum disease are concerned, and it is no longer true you must continue losing teeth as you grow older. If you have already lost teeth, you can rest assured that today, with modern methods and materials, we can make implants, bridges and partial dentures to replace these lost teeth. The replacement of missing teeth is part of preventive dentistry, for it re-establishes oral health to prevent future trouble!

Dental Analgesia

Our office offers sedative analgesia for all children who require it and adults whenever requested. It does not make one unconscious. It is the relaxation and feeling of well-being that results from the inhalation of a mild, medicated air. It helps to eliminate apprehension and fear. The effects of the medication disappear before even leaving the chair.

Lower Dental Bills

Thanks to our modern ways of preventing dental disease, and methods of budgeting dental expenses, you'll find that complete dentistry is relatively easier to pay for than before. If your treatment program requires several visits, you will be given an estimate and asked to discuss definite financial arrangements with our financial consultant.

Fees and Payments

We make every effort to keep down the cost of your dental care. You can help by paying at the time of your visit. Payment is expected when services are rendered unless other arrangements are made in advance with our financial consultant. Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and Care Credit are accepted forms of payment.


Dental insurance is rapidly playing a larger role in helping people obtain dental treatment. Dental insurance is not to be a pay-all, it is only meant to be an aid. Our professional services are rendered to you, not to the insurance company. For your convenience, our office will file insurance claims for all services covered under your insurance plan. Please note that payment for non-covered services, copayments and deductibles are the responsibility of the patient at the time of visit. Pre-estimates will be done if the patient requests it.

24-Hour Emergency Service

We offer an emergency service which you can call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To reach the doctor when the office is not open, call (309) 663-1326 and our answering service will notify us and we will return your call.

Cancellation of Appointment

If you find that you are unable to keep a scheduled appointment, please let us know at least 24-hours in advance. This allows us to offer that appointment time to another patient who needs dental care. If you miss your scheduled appointment, you will be contacted by phone to reschedule.

Recall Visits

We hope you share in our belief that regular preventive dental health care is a sound investment. While responsibility for returning for this treatment rests primarily with you, we will provide the service of notifying you when it is time to return.

Our office takes pride in a "friendly" approach to our work. Please feel to call us with any questions you may have regarding our practice. We know you will find your visits both comfortable and rewarding.

We would like to thank you for your confidence by allowing us to help you help yourself with your dental needs. Mutual understanding and cooperation is the foundation for a good relationship. With this good beginning, our entire staff offers you a warm thank you. Call (309) 663-1326 to schedule your appointment today. We look forward to working with you.


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