A veneer is a very thin shell of porcelain that can replace or cover part of the tooth enamel to improve the cosmetics of your smile. Veneers might be the best option for closing spaces, covering deep discolorations, or for covering poorly shaped or misaligned teeth.

The steps involved in veneering teeth are similar to that of a crown. The dentist will prepare the teeth, removing enough enamel to create room for the porcelain. An impression is taken in the mouth and sent to a dental laboratory. The laboratory technician at the laboratory creates the veneers to our specifications from the impression we sent them and returns them to us. When you come back about three weeks later, we make adjustments as needed, and bond them into place.

It is important to remember that, like crowns, teeth that are veneered are still susceptible to decay and porcelain chipping. Regular oral hygiene, professional cleanings, and dental exams are needed and certain habits, such as nail biting, ice chewing, and teeth grinding, need to be avoided. Sometimes, we may recommend a mouth guard to be worn at night to prevent porcelain from chipping.

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